Template production and training

There are few content production systems that cannot benefit from templates in both the editing and production processes. 

For authors and editors we can provide:

  • Microsoft Word templates tailored to your content
  • training in using the templates
  • training in developing new templates

For designers we can provide:

  • Adobe InDesign templates
  • training in applying and adapting the templates (basic knowledge of InDesign assumed)

Systems and workflow review

Production systems, tools and workflows can vary greatly. Our extensive publishing experience can assist you in assessing your methods. We take into account your production input from authors, editors, syndicated feeds or databases, and your output delivery for distribution or warehousing. Our recommendations will be based on a combination of your objectives and your needs, industry standards, and applicable third-party requirements. We can also assist with systems implementation, staff training and documentation.

Initial consultation: free. Minimum fee: AU $500.00 (+ GST if applicable).